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Lord, I pray against the power of pornography over ____’s life. Father God, pornography is an assault against your image, it is an assault against your children. Lord, I pray that you will deliver ____ from the grips of porn and pornographic images. Lord, I pray that you will erase the pornographic images from _____’s memory. I pray that you will erase the lust-inducing images from _____’s memory. Father, ______ is being tormented and God I know that You want nothing but freedom for _____. God, I am begging on _____’s behalf. Lord, ____’s worship cannot be pure until _____ receives deliverance. Lord, ______’s ministry cannot accomplish all that it is supposed to if he/she is distracted by the shame and taunting of this sin. Abba, Father, you know that _______ is a (man/woman) after Your own heart and that it breaks ______’s heart to have to deal with this. Lord, please just go in and kill the lust right at it’s root.

_________ wants to love but will not be able to love and be intimate as a husband/wife if instead of seeing his/her spouse as his/her husband/wife he/she sees him/her as a porn star. Lord, pornography and lust will have no place in ____’s home. If lust walks into his/her marital home, pure intimacy and vulnerability will not be welcomed, and that is not what _____ wants nor what Your Word says that You want for Your children. Lord, I pray that internet coverage and WiFi will be nonexistent or finicky as to prevent access to porn and pornographic images. Father God, I know that You want me to release this freedom through prayer because You, through Your Holy Spirit, placed the need to pray about this, in my heart. I prayed a simple prayer before but this time You have quickened my spirit with urgency. Father, I thank you in advance for _____’s deliverance. I thank you in advanced for the vulnerability and intimacy that will result in _____’s relationships. I pray all of these things in Jesus’s name, amen.