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God’s standards are greater than the world’s standards.
God’s standards are high but they are not too high. The use of the word “too” implies that God’s standards are excessive or unattainable. When people tell you that your {godly} standards for a man or woman are too high, what they’re really saying is, “what makes you special? What makes you think you are deserving of such a great person? That guy/gal doesn’t exist because I couldn’t find him/her.” I pray that you are able to tune those voices out and tune the voice of God in. God has set a standard because He wants what is best for you. He wants you to be in a relationship that glorifies Him. Please do not read this post as permission for you to set legalistic goals. Use this post as encouragement to dive into God’s word and see what He says you deserve; read what He wants for you. While reading, don’t skip over the humanity of the characters, that was left in for a reason. Write a God-inspired list of non-negociables and pray that the Holy Spirit guide you when it comes to dating/courting.

What godly men and women look like according to God’s Word (NON-EXHAUSTIVE list)*:

  • Has an intimate relationship with Christ
  • Integrity
  • Seeks godly wisdom
  • Self-controlled
  • Kind
  • Has a servant heart
  • Obedient to authority
  • Humble

Biblical references (NON-EXHAUSTIVE list)*:

*these lists are just to help get you started. Dive into the Word and see what God says! Don’t just take my word for it.