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” . . . never seek their peace or prosperity, that you may be strong and eat the good of the land and leave it for an inheritance to your children forever.” Ezra 9:12

People are not going to understand this life I am choosing to live. Amongst those people will be Christians. Some will think that I am being extreme. Some will even think that I am a goodie two shoes. Others will think that I have been brainwashed.

I am not a unicorn. I am not doing something that has not been done before. I am not rare. I am not alone.

I will have to remind myself of these things as I continue to share my chosen lifestyle with others.

The Holy Spirit, my Comforter, will always be by my side. My friends, who understand and respect my choice, will be there for me.

What I refuse to do is give into the pressure of not wanting to be an outsider just so that I can feel the relief of acceptance. I will not seek the world’s peace or prosperity.

The sad part is that most people would not question my choices if I attributed them to something other than my belief in Christ.